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thismeintiel said:

They want a powerful console, but they aren't going to go all to beat Sony by any significant margin. At best, they will be within 10%-15% of each other, with a chance Sony is on top. 40%-50% is something to tout. 10%-15% won't make enough of a difference to the eye. Especially not when Sony's 1st party studios are HW magicians, getting every last drop of power out of their consoles.

To play devils advocate, Microsoft has more studios than Sony now... And a massive portion of which we haven't seen make an exclusive that really pushes the Xbox's hardware.

Microsoft doesn't need to beat Sony by a significant amount on the hardware front, just enough that they can advertise it like no tomorrow.

HollyGamer said:
Initial Xbox One games are very bad due to software problem.

Interested. What software problem?

thismeintiel said:

They are fine with buying new studios and taking a hit on Gears 5 in order to push GamePass and xCloud, because that is where they see their future.  Not subsidizing HW in order to sell more than Sony.  In the end, Xbox HW is not a big concern for MS.  On the other hand, PS HW is very important to Sony.

Precisely. Microsoft is not a $1 Trillion~ dollar company for nothing.
By pushing the games angle, even when platform units are small or the console fails to gain traction, Microsoft will still sell to PC gamers, so there is less financial risk for them overall.

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