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think-man said:
I thought MS wasn't worried about Sony?

Lol.  It is strange that they would even pursue this.  The problem early on with the PS4 vs XBO is that Sony caught them with their pants down.  We can tell that MS was focused on the cable TV thing, and not streaming, since when they revealed their console they just added a quick bit about sharing that seemed tacked on (probably just thrown in there after Sony got such a great response from the share feature), and focused on cable TV and watching sports.  It also seems that they were late with their devkits, too, or were just trying to cover up the power difference, because many demos shown at E3 that year were better builds running on HW much more powerful than the XBO, leading to downgrades in a few of their exclusives.  So, why purposely fuck with your devs like this, now?  This could cause them to make games that aren't suited for some newer tech they will have to use and/or cause a delay in development for games for their launch window. 

I think there are two real possibilities here.  Either MS is just behind on their devkits, since HW isn't as big a focus for them anymore, and this is just some lame excuse to why they are behind, or this is just a complete fabrication.