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thismeintiel said:

Wishful thinking. MS has shown that their future lies in streaming. They want a powerful console, but they aren't going to go all to beat Sony by any significant margin. At best, they will be within 10%-15% of each other, with a chance Sony is on top. 40%-50% is something to tout. 10%-15% won't make enough of a difference to the eye. Especially not when Sony's 1st party studios are HW magicians, getting every last drop of power out of their consoles.

More importantly, I doubt MS is going to want to subsidize the Scarlett like Sony will the PS5. The XBO pricing already proves this. They could have launched at $399, w/ Kinect if they wanted to subsidize the HW and take on the PS4. Instead they launched at $499. Same goes for the X. They could have subsidized it and launched at $399, to take on the Pro. Instead, $499, again. We may even see the same $399 vs $499, again, next gen.

It's just the secret sauce all over, again.

Yeah, agree with u.