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Barkley said:

Just add Oculus support... Then they can create VR games that are "Play Anywhere" on Scarlett and PC. It should be a no brainer. They don't even have to make their own games, after all if VR isn't supported why should they care? Adding support for Oculus isn't a big investment.

That was the idea, with the Xbox One X.
It was supposed to have Oculus support. They had a partnership and everything, there was PR and marketing, even Ads...

Then there was some scandal or such with oculus?
And shortly after you never heard of it again..... a year or so after, MS admitted they dropped the VR support idea.

We have no idea, if it was because they couldnt get it working right, was too much effort not enough returns, or the PR thingy.

MS even afterwards came out and said, the scarlet would have VR support (supposedly oculus).
Now we hear phil spencer saying "we like communal gameing, we dont like VR".

If MS actually came out again, and said "we re now working with Oculus to bring VR to Xbox Two (scarlet)", would you trust them to actually do it?

I feel like if a company comes out and promises something 3 times or more, and fails to deliver on said promises, then... yeah.
At some point your like, "I'll believe it when I see it".

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 30 November 2019