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Mnementh said:

As I currently haven't time to create the description post I can use the time to give another hint, than I have some catch-up to do:


a) Fight with knights, mages, elves, thieves or… merfolk?

b) Control your armies one turn at a time.

c) Turn-based tactics on a hexgrid with units able to level up and turn into advanced classes.

d) Got updates and extensions for more than 10 years.

e) Fight in a Tale of two brothers Under the burning Suns for The heir to the throne.

f) More than 15 official single-player campaigns, many multiplayer maps and tons of user-generated content.

#34 Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser: Dragon Quest Builders

#33 Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser: Pikmin

#32 Guessed by Farsala: Final Fantasy X

I went ahead and had Google help me with #35 (since there are 6 clues and no one has gotten it yet).  I think it's The Battle for Wesnoth.