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Mar1217 said:
Most people that are dreading this situation haven't read the latest update I guess.

The studio will keep it's indepedancy for it's own projects (Beat Saber is one of them) and probably work for exclusive stuff with Facebook for the Oculus.

Beat Saber won't be retired from other platforms and they'll keep updating the game as intended.

Ownership changed, but the current consequence are non-existent.

What do you think happens after this current game?.

Does this mean all future games going forward are all going to show up on multiple stores and headsets?.

If the answer is no, and if it turns out that way, then yes, people have that right to dread, because so far in gaming, this has happened all too often, because there's almost no sense in FB or Amazon or Google to act charitable. They are going to want gamers using their tech, their clients, their libraries. Why do you think Epic Games pulls their exclusivity bs?. It's not just to "fund" devs, it's to get people to use their client.

MS acquired Lionhead years back, then suddenly their games started becoming Xbox games. I'm very, very certain the same is going to happen here, which is utter garbage if it ever turns out to happen.

What we need is FB saying "btw, all games going forward will continue selling everywhere else like normal, practically as if we didn't exist". That's what'd set things straight.