DonFerrari said:
SquirrelWhisperer said:

eww, you suck. i never passed judgement on the game, but it's a FACT that this is only a portion of the original. but hey, since you have all of lifes answers i was wondering if i would get vincent, yuffie, and cait sith in this game? can i fight ruby weapon? do i get omnislash? how bout big guard? comet? KoTR? a chocobo? quadra magic? or does that happen in the other 2/3rds of the game? By the way the matrix sucks ass, so write me a novel about it.

You really don't need to be this unpolite. And until you finish playing this part of the remake you can't say you won't be satisfied.

Also let's say FF13 instead of launching with 3 games now came together as a single game (and when FF13 first launched you didn't know it would be a trilogy). Would FF13-1 be incomplete and unsatisfying game because of it?

Dicing a 100+h game into 3  50+h game with more content and having they all being satisfying isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Did you complain Harry Potter had 7 parts book and 8 for movies or that Game of Thrones got over 6 parts?

Except none of those games are remake though. Maybe he just want the complete story of the original with high end graphic for ps4?