Jumpin said:
DonFerrari said:

1. If you're talking about identity politics. Yes, I deny that backlash for mocking non-Christians results in less backlash than mocking Christians. I obviously got WAY more backlash from Christians from mocking this fake Christian than I ever did from mocking one of the highest-ranking people in Muslim society.

Strange because I haven't seem a single backlash or personal attack against you in this thread. What you got was people questioning you attacking her for being christian and crazy (and you may deny but your OP is basically that) and people saying that we should wait for her actions and changes in government to say she is worse than Evo Moralez.

2. If you didn't understand MY post, it's that I am not mocking her because she's Christian. You're taking offence where it is not given. I am mocking her because she's batshit crazy and seizing control of a nation. The fact that she is using a cartoonishly large Christian bible as a prop in her show is incidental, and I have already pointed out, is very much against the teachings of Jesus. According to the Epistle of James, those who claim to follow Jesus, but ignore his teachings follow a worthless religion - AKA not Christian.

You were already explained that it have nothing of cartoonishly large, it is just an old leather bible, a relic. And I don't take offense on her. As I put I pointed that we as society are more accepting to attacks against christian than others because "they aren't minorities".

3. Mohammed Bin Salman, not only a Muslim, but the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and effective leader of Sunni Islam, is not Muslim enough for you? Perhaps not, I would imagine that many more serious Islamic people would find MBS a repulsive example of how a proper Islamic person should act. But then you can't consider this Bolivian tyrant to be Christian either (as per my last post). But claiming I don't mock anyone in that thread? That's bullshit. I mock him several times in the thread, in one post I compare Mohammad Bin Salman to the Sacha Baron Cohen's insane dictator character Aladeen, as well as mock many of the world leaders who are cooperating with Bin Salman.

I said your OP didn't mock him. You put a video/news and small comment identifying him. You don't call him crazy, muslim or anything of the lick in title or OP.

4. I may not be mocking Islam, but I am not mocking Christianity either. Mocking someone for hoisting around an absurdly large bible is NOT mocking Christianity. Giant showy bibles in themselves are a mockery of Jesus's teachings (See Gospel of Matthew 6 and Gospel of Matthew 23 for starters).

You have already been explained about the large bible. Would the stone with the 10 laws if found and true being very large be called a mocking of Christianity because it would be large and showy? Is the statue of Jesus in Brazil a mockery on Jesus himself because it is huge and showy? I doubt it.

5. The point is you complained that women don't get mocked, in a thread that is mocking a woman.

I am not sure why you are so angry about this, not even Jesus would have a problem. If the Gospels are anything to go by, if Jesus were around, he'd mock her too.

Women get mocked when they are antagonist of feminism movement or any other identity movement. Quite easy to see left wing people and politicians mocking severely (even with rapist jokes) woman, gay or black that are antagonist to the movement and the rest of the left wing pretending to be deaf and blind. So a woman identified as right wing would be mocked easily, now pick up an unknown partisan or left wing identity movement target and do the same.

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