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Eagle367 said:

OAS is bought and paid for by the US, who hated Morales. They have been known to lie for the US before. They are untrustworthy and if there was actual evidence, there would be multiple sources. And OAS hasn't provided any data or evidence for public scrutiny. And when the military does a coup, you know the trial won't be fair. Just look at Zulfiqar Bhutto. Are you messing with me? Or yourself?

@Bold *sigh* I'm not surprised by you and OTBWY flogging conspiracy theories on the same level as Alex Jones ... 

If they are 'untrustworthy' as you say they are then why are most of it's members Spanish states including Cuba as well ? Why did Evo Morale's own party, Movement for Socialists promised to attest to their results ? As far as data is concerned did you even take a look at their report

Why you continue to defend Evo Morales even though he's been effectively disowned by his own party continues to amaze me ... 

I don't care much for political parties playing politics to protect themselves. If they don't disown Morales, the military will destroy their party all together. I don't get how you can't seem to have much grasp of the obvious. A teenager could have given you that answer.

And regarding conspiracy theories the level of Alex Jones, I'm sure you would have said the same thing if I told you about Abu Ghuraib, or that US soldiers were shooting up civilians and journalists during the US invasion of Iraq or that the WMD lie was made up or that Syrian chemical weapons attacks are a lie or what happens at Gitmo or the CIA black sites around the world. You continue to be deceived by the US imperialists and you ignore evidence when it comes out about their previous misadventures.

You seem to ignore US history in the region as a whole and how much US hated Morales, especially for what he said out loud in the UN what every country thinks of the US in their heads. I don't play politics by choosing sides mate. I use what I know, my own brain, what makes sense looking at the past, not ignoring it like you, and what I think is right to inform my opinion. I trust independent journalists who aren't bought out, Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky and AOC because they have earned my trust, not because of any misguided team loyalty.

And I have seen what the US does and how it operates up close and personal so you living in that US are the good guys bubble don't see what I see. To me, it's blatantly obvious, not a far fetched conspiracy theory like Alex Jones puts out. It would be more odd to have no US involvement looking at the past of the US and the current administration with war criminals like Mike Pompeo and Eliot Abrams. So I would suggest instead of calling it a conspiracy theory, do your research from sources other than the western MSM and governments and intelligence agencies. It's clear that you are beyond making any sort of argument and just dismissing everything I say so continuing this discussion is useless.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also