OTBWY said:
Nautilus said:

Then pardon me, but it really gets under my skin anyone who defends these dictators, these murderers, these destroyers of nations.And you know what is most sad?Its that Most countries in South America(Barring Brazil, Chile and maybe Argentina) wont be able to recover, or rather get to a decent level in terms of development for the next 50 years.Its not only Morales fault, mind you, but he is part of the equation.

No one is aproving a "religious theocratic regimes", I think most people here are just saying that the woman is being jumped on without having any basis for it, outside of a couple of sentences(which dosent look good, Ill admit), against 14 years or recorded government of Morales, filled with corruption, inneficience and so much more.Its that.I think people are just tired of this political correctness and being jumped on just because he/she is not left leaned.

That is just a part of it of course, but thats my take anyways.At least how I feel.

Edit:Oh and lets both admit, Eagle with all his conspiracy theories dosent help, does it?

I honestly don't care about arguing further (and I don't care much for the last part). Cause nothing we say will change our minds. All I want is for you to not misrepresent me. 

Of course you dont.

Well, lets agree to disagree then.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.