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Wii Fit sold 750.229 not counting it's launch, with its launch it sold 1,011,000 by Week 1 2007.
Super Mario Party last year sold 936.140 by Week 1 2019, 590.513 of that total came from Week 46 onwards.

Week 46 2018: Super Mario Party - 20.942 / 345.627
Week 46 2019: Ring Fit Adventure - 28.015 / 263.940

Ring Fit Adventure is currently been effected by shortages. According to Chris over on era, it had sold 99,50% of it's stock and it's being sold out as soon as it's being restocked. Nintendo need to be able to ship 1 million in order meet demand for the next few weeks in Japan. The main question is whether they are able to supply so many copies. If there are shortages, Ring Fit won't realize it's true potential this holiday season which is comparable to Wii Fit which ended up selling 3.561.787 on the Wii a System that sold only 12.750.000 in Japan. Switch is currently on pace to easily overcome by the end of the fiscal year.