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DonFerrari said:
Jumpin said:

Huh? Not once did I argue that.

Is this straw man argument your way of justifying this crazy video?

Have I said you did? Have I said OP is that?

Nope, what I said is that in general in this forum and other areas of western world it is fun to mock christians but not other religious, as is ok to mock male but not woman, or white but not black, etc. Would you deny this situation?

Eagle367 said:

I can make fun of Modhi, MBS, netenyahu and Khamenei all day long

Then you are fine.

Eagle367 said:

What are you talking about? Islam doesn't condone or agree with what daesh or saudis or Erdogan do. You can make fun of daesh all you want and make fun of MBS while you're at it. But you seem to believe Islam is evil, not the people doing evil things are evil. Whereas when we make fun of these idiots, we make fun of these idiots, not Christianity. If your goal is to go after and make fun of Muslims, by Al means the floor is yours. If your intention is to misrepresent Islam and what the religion is and make fun of that misrepresentation, you can do that but it's not easy we are doing to Christians here. Make fun of wahabism as well, it's a disease from Muslims and Islam as well. Goat fuckers international aka Daesh is a prime target to make fun of. You have so may options. What about Khamenei or Sissy? Maybe try Imran Khan and how hypocritical he is. Make fun of Modhi as well. Put netenyahu in there as well. Go at it

Owww are you going to pretend there aren't thousand of people that make fun of christianity as a whole but get offended if you mock another religion?

Just see that we got a post saying that all christians are idiots, and no one had an issue or got a moderation.

And funnier here is seeing people complaining about secularity on christian countries, I don't remember any that isn't secular or that chase after other religious minorities, but islamic countries persecuting is still very common. They are basically doing what could be said christians done 5 centuries ago.

Get off your high horse.  How about this?  Fuck all religions.