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OTBWY said:
Nautilus said:

Good god, how can the world have such a twisted view of the South American countriess like that?This is why its so hard to have discussions with people that dont live in the country or near it.Bolivia is the second poorest country in the continent, and no one wants to visit it, specially because it was a socialist dictatorship country.

No, its quite the opposite.Bolivia is ih a horrible situation.And while it was already horrible before Morales, Morales just made it worst, with his populist government(that ultimately turned into a dictatorship, made even more obvious with the fraud in the elections).And no socialism government ever worked, and his government was no exception.

A (somewhat) nice video explaining the election fraud:

And while I dont agree completely with the article below, it helps to show how the people, and not just the military, dosent want the dictator in power anymore.It even shows some of the (supposed) improvement Morales did(because rarely someone is truly evil.Usually people start with good intentions):

" For one, former evo aligned politicians are getting dragged into the streets and beaten and shaven. Their houses being ransacked. She gave the police immunity for shooting and possibly killing protesters. "

I need sources for this quote, because I dont remember reading or hearing this.

You know I find it amazing how one election is counted perfectly fine when it helps the opposition (and the OAS) and calls it election fraud when it doesn't suit them. What a strange dictator Morales is, getting elected by a majority but listening to the opposition so that he was even prepared for a second vote. But hey, we won't know that because the fascist right with the military forced him to resign to avoid bloodshed. Under threat. What a weird dictator to not even have the military behind him hmmmmm. 

Such nonsense nautilus.

You know damn well what the history of Latin America is. How it has been historically treated as the backgarden of the US, with its rich and plenty resources been dominated by the US so much that fascistic brutal dictators had to be installed. People who with helicopters and planes threw other people into the ocean. And it is happening now, through the OAS and other special interest, almost like a bad movie script. It's incredible what mental gymnastics people will perform to approve of brutal military coups. 

Heres a source of what you asked:

Watch these:

Oh please, really?Are you really going to play the "She/he is right leaning, so he/she is a fascist" card?Well, if it comes down to this, at least I know that I have won the argument....

The PEOPLE wanted him out.It is stated on both sources that I gave you.It wasnt something that the evil military or the evil first world ploted to make it happen.People, especially ones that live a good life in countries like Europe or in the US, are so ennamored with this idea that socialism and the governments that comes with it are "for the people", that they defend anything they do, no matter how horrible that government turns out to be.Why?Because its easy to defend something that you dont live in, and its harder to accept the fact/truth that maybe your ideals are simply not pratical.

Morales was not a good dictator, at least in the end, and the people wanted him out.There were multiple protests about the fradulent elections(and even before that), acknoledged both by the country and by international entities, and you come here and say that it was the military, and by extention the people, that did a coup?

Honestly, it makes me want to send anyone that approves such governments, especially ones like Bolivia which are one of the poorest countries in the world, to go live there for a year, and think if they feel the same way after that time.Yeah, it sucks that Bolivia had to live through a shit dictator like Morales, and that its interin(interin!!!!) president isnt all that better(at least in theory, saying is one thing, doing is another), but being blind about the true nature of the previous government is just asking to make the same mistake yet again.

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