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Eagle367 said:
Nautilus said:
At least, as far as I see, shes far better than the dictator that was there before her.Not saying she is great and all but, life isnt black and white either.

But yeah, South America has been in shambles for decades now.Hard to fix it, when you have corrupt politicians trying to destroy it left and right....

How is she better? The "dictator" was improving the lives of bolivians and Bolivia in all metrics. See how Bolivia goes down the gutter with this idiot at the helm

He was improving their lives so much that even the people wanted him to resign....

And Bolivia is still on the gutter... Outside of Brazil, Chile and maybe Argentina, most countries in South America are in the gutter....

People need to stop this "if he is from the left, he is a good guy" and " if he is from the right, he is a fascist!Nazist!".Thats what led to Bolivia becomming what it is today.

Last edited by Nautilus - on 23 November 2019

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