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DonFerrari said:
OTBWY said:

Being Christian is fine. Being a Christian fundamentalist fascist out to transform the government into a theocratic one out to persecute the natives cause of witchcraft is insane and should not ever be condoned.

Still making fun of any christian, radical or not, is accepted here and everywhere. Now making fun of Muslim, black heritage religions, etc is usually bad looked and said to be persecutive.

Jumpin said:

The main stuff the Christian Gospels are against is the stuff she's doing.

So the reason it isn't ok to mock Muslim is because their gospel is being met by them when they do bad stuff?

What are you talking about? Islam doesn't condone or agree with what daesh or saudis or Erdogan do. You can make fun of daesh all you want and make fun of MBS while you're at it. But you seem to believe Islam is evil, not the people doing evil things are evil. Whereas when we make fun of these idiots, we make fun of these idiots, not Christianity. If your goal is to go after and make fun of Muslims, by Al means the floor is yours. If your intention is to misrepresent Islam and what the religion is and make fun of that misrepresentation, you can do that but it's not easy we are doing to Christians here. Make fun of wahabism as well, it's a disease from Muslims and Islam as well. Goat fuckers international aka Daesh is a prime target to make fun of. You have so may options. What about Khamenei or Sissy? Maybe try Imran Khan and how hypocritical he is. Make fun of Modhi as well. Put netenyahu in there as well. Go at it

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also