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trunkswd said:
WoodenPints said:

Release date: 10th November

Launch price: $449

Launch lineup:

  • Halo Infinite (Confirmed)
  • Forza Motorsport 8
  • Perfect Dark
  • Xbox All-Star Karting
  • Exclusive JRPG

I'm not really sure how many games Microsoft can launch day one with the Scarlett as Halo Infinite will massively overshadow anything that releases, I don't think Phil has just been going to Japan to get ports of games that arbitrarely skipped Xbox along with wanting to get a first party precence in Japan and in the meantime they have been staffing up quite a lot for positions that seem like a Xbox Global Publishing Asia branch, Japan is also day one launch for Scarlett and xCloud making a big push into Japan he needs to get content on there that will make Xbox relevant which is why I think they will have a second party deal in place for a few games similar to Lost Odyssey/Blue Dragon from the 360.

Along with Halo at launch the Gamepass model will favour a constant flow of games and I could see a launch window like:

December: Flight Simulator

January: Ninja Theory new IP

February: Killer Instinct 2

March: Compulsion new IP

April: inXile/Obsidian new IP

I don't think we will see Everwild until late 2021 and Fable 4 along with The Initiative's new IP until 2022.

Original Xbox launched with Halo: CE, Dead or Alive 3 and Project Gotham Racing as the biggest games. In total there were 11 games. Xbox 360 launched with 18 games (nothing as big as Halo: CE), and Xbox One launched with 21 games. Xbox Scarlett will likely launch with 15-25 games of varying popularity. 

I only did first/second party games in my list I think there will be a lot more overall at launch and the most third party games we have seen as launch titles next gen actually due to the ease of development. I do also think there is a point of where you  have to much first party content at launch for such a small and relative hardcore audience who will adopt early either way and showing off a solid and constant stream of games through 2021 and some of the biggest stuff in 2022 is key for mindshare so people can gravitate to certain games and think that's when I'm going to dive in.