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As per usual, I have played zero games from the year in question, but choose to participate anyways.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn + The Frozen Wilds. Unreal. Captivated my jaded ass.

2. EDF 5. The symbol of how I still care about trophies, but not really. Got plat in April, but have subsequently put in another 250 hours of time into it, for a total of 602(!) in total game time. This game is the main reason my overall list of played games in 2019 was so lean. Was released on Dec 7 2018, so it's actually close!

3. No Man's Sky. Became great. I don't know for sure though. Never played it's earlier iterations. I liked it. Quite a bit.

4. Marvel's Spider-Man. I hate that name. I just call it Spider-Man.

5. 3 way tie. Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online, Hotline Miami 2, and EDF: Iron Rain. All fairly flawed games in their own right. But still very enjoyable.

Honorable mentions to Pac-Man 256 and Lara Croft Go. 2 Mobile games I enjoyed on the PS4. Apologies to the platforms I never had the opportunity to give a chance to.

Last edited by COKTOE - on 22 November 2019

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