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Nautilus said:
Jumpin said:

What are you seeing that indicates that?

People were starving to death with the dictator Evo Morales?Bolivia was never a great country to begin with, but it was dumpster fire when he was leading it?He defrauded the "election" that happened just a few weeks ago?The list goes on and on and on....

This woman is like 1 or 2 weeks in power.At the very least, conidering the horrible history that the country has gone through, give her the benefit of the doubt....

That's not true at all. Under Evo Morales the economy grew 40%. Poverty went from 50%+ to at about 30%. This is just straight up misinformation Nautilus, i'm sorry. He eliminated illiteracy, gave power to the indigenous, which is 2/3 of the country. Before Morales, imagine a country so dominated by US interests, that the previous president couldn't even speak Spanish properly. He couldn't hide his heavily north American accent.

That woman is a disaster, and she already is presiding over a number of horrors. For one, former evo aligned politicians are getting dragged into the streets and beaten and shaven. Their houses being ransacked. She gave the police immunity for shooting and possibly killing protesters. This is a dark dark dark turn for the worse.