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Release date: 10th November

Launch price: $449

Launch lineup:

  • Halo Infinite (Confirmed)
  • Forza Motorsport 8
  • Perfect Dark
  • Xbox All-Star Karting
  • Exclusive JRPG

I'm not really sure how many games Microsoft can launch day one with the Scarlett as Halo Infinite will massively overshadow anything that releases, I don't think Phil has just been going to Japan to get ports of games that arbitrarely skipped Xbox along with wanting to get a first party precence in Japan and in the meantime they have been staffing up quite a lot for positions that seem like a Xbox Global Publishing Asia branch, Japan is also day one launch for Scarlett and xCloud making a big push into Japan he needs to get content on there that will make Xbox relevant which is why I think they will have a second party deal in place for a few games similar to Lost Odyssey/Blue Dragon from the 360.

Along with Halo at launch the Gamepass model will favour a constant flow of games and I could see a launch window like:

December: Flight Simulator

January: Ninja Theory new IP

February: Killer Instinct 2

March: Compulsion new IP

April: inXile/Obsidian new IP

I don't think we will see Everwild until late 2021 and Fable 4 along with The Initiative's new IP until 2022.