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Barkley said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Nobody should be paying those prices though. 

Steam, PSN, and XBOX stores all work because there are alternatives for customers to shop at for a fair price. If you don't like the prices on Steam's main page you can always just buy a Steam Key from another web site at a fairer price. If you don't like the prices on PSN or XBOX you can always just find a physical copy for less. 

But what can a Stadia customer do if they don't like the prices listed? Nothing. Publishers want it this way, and like it this way. They want to be able to charge the maximum amount for their product. And in an ecosystem like Stadia where there's no competition for game prices, they can indeed charge whatever they want. 

I agree, or at least I wouldn't pay those prices anyway.

"But what can a Stadia customer do if they don't like the prices listed?" - Very soon there'll be heavy competition with cloud gaming services. XCloud, Stadia, PSNow... we know EA are working on a cloud service too. Everyone's going to be trying to get in the ring and there will be price wars. Just not in the next few months.

Stadia may essentially have a monopoly at the moment, but that will change quickly. Then the competition for game prices will start and will be fierce. With Zero barrier for entry (No expensive hardware to buy) these services will have to offer the best price and best performance for their games or people will just buy it on another service. There'll be no problem switching between them on a whim.

True. I see Xcloud making Stadia pretty much irrelevant though. Xcloud is Gamepass but with the added ability to stream to phones and tablets right? That would win easily because there's no need to buy games with Gamepass. Xcloud would be the true Netflix of games. And I would honestly welcome that as a part of the industry.