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numberwang said:
setsunatenshi said:

a) we don't know the price, actually i would not mind an increase to the 600 tag for a premium sku, but i'm in the minority

b) cool, so you should add that cost to your comparison

c) we don't know, that spec has not been announced, but 1TB m2 drive would be fantastic, why would we need 2TB right now? Buy one in a few years when it's cheaper

d) i do, literally just around doing absolutely nothing right now. the question is, why the hell would i need it in connection to the ps5? hdds are slow as shit.

e) it's called PS Now, and it's around for a few years. you can stream or download current gen games to PS4 and PC (download obviously only on the PS4). btw it costs $60 per year and the games are free

All that niggling is useless. Focus on the important things: Stadia works on a technical level and it will get better. Nextgen will cost a premium and a lot of casuals will look for alternatives.

i advise you to see the reviews first. from the descriptions i saw it seems at best to work as well as the current version of PS now. some artifacting now and then, muted colors, slight lag enough to throw your timing off in some games, but overall playable sure.

so it's really nothing new what stadia is doing, just on a terrible business model which means both X Cloud and PS Now are better alternatives as thigs stand.