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numberwang said:

PS5 550$

2TB HDD 100$ for those >100GB games

4 years PSN 240$


900$ just to get you in the door

You could buy more than 15 Stadia games for that. This may not appeal to core gamers but the more casual crowd will definitely take a look at it.

did I miss any price announcement from Sony regarding the ps5 or are you making stuff up?

btw, psn also gets you free games every month

btw, who the hell would pay 100$ for and HDD when you're getting an M2 drive with the next console

btw, some people already have such drives at home, so it's no additional cost

btw. why not add PS Now to the list? at least it would be a 1:1 (or as close to it as possible) comparison with Stadia's offer