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Hiku said:
SvennoJ said:

Look a bit further where he plays on his phone. It also says in the article that it wasn't a problem on his phone. When you get lower latency through your phone, there's something wrong with your internet connection...

In the video it didn't say there wasn't a problem on his phone. It said it wasn't as present on mobile.
I was able to pause the video after he pressed a button and see no action in the game, so it's still significant. Just not as bad as 1+ seconds long.

The reason for this isn't necessarily the internet connection. There's both input lag and display lag going on simultaneously. And while testing on mobile he is using both a different screen, and a different controller, that are all wired differently.

I'm also not sure what the settings are for mobile. Stadia may be outputting at lower resolutions for phones to save bandwidth.

If the user have to also worry about the quality of his modem, router, distance, etc to have a decent experience then it will be even less likely to satisfy customers.

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