Shiken said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
High quality animations won't drain the battery life. A full dex wouldn't drain the battery life. Pretty sure Dynamax drains battery life because of how flashy it is.

Never said anything about those draining or not draining battery life.  As I said, the game has its flaws but that is not what the topic is about.  It is about how we should not be suprised of more 3DS developers treat the Switch like a handheld, despite how badly some might want "insert handheld IP" to be treated like a console game just because it is on Switch.  Battery life could be a factor, as seen in my example of Pokemon Sw/Sh.

Unfortunately despite stating this clearly in the OP, some who are upset that people are enjoying a game they want boycotted for their own reasons seem to try and change the subject so they can complain some more.

You can certainly be disappointed in those things...but that is not the topic.

I didn't mean to imply that you said something about those things draining battery life. I was just commenting on my own, without intending for it to be a reply to anybody in particular. 

I'm actually enjoying the game immensely. Gameplay is more important to me than graphics. I'm excited to see how the meta turns out with so many moves and Poke'mon not making it in. 

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