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I actually quite like the Xbox One. If MS had stuck with the heavily regulated DRM stuff they initially planned on I'd probably place that on the list but as it stands it's pretty solid. I could do without that having to completely upload every single retail game to the HDD before playing and it's not as great as 360 overall but still a solid machine with plenty of great games, my main go-to for modern third party titles for the most part.

I'd say either Saturn or Wii U, with PS3 as a distant third. Nintendo dropped the ball when it came to the interface, 2nd/3rd party support, stream of games, and just overall philosophy in general with that thing. Was not a fan of the big, bulky plastic touchscreen controller as it felt like more of a kid's toy, and the games seemed to run with the Wii qualities in all the wrong directions while falling back to the less appealing obscure type of games GameCube was known for. It just felt like Nintendo was running with the success of the Wii branding with the Wii U while its library felt more similar to the Cube library, with even worse 2nd/3rd party support to boot.

I know far less about the Saturn, which I don't see as a horrible console in its own right, but it was largely a casualty of Sega's horrible marketing and loss of trust in the public after pumping out an abundance of hardware shortly before the Saturn. It also just didn't have anywhere near the solid lineup Genesis had.

Not a huge Sony fan in general but overall there was a huge contrast at least for me when it came to PS2 (my favorite Sony console) and PS3 (my LEAST favorite Sony console). Sony's arrogance at the time and 599USD just rubbed me the wrong way, and have never been too crazy about the heavy emphasis on more linear, cinematic games that seemed to peak during the PS3 era. 

N64 is quite a step down from SNES in terms of its overall library but it gets a pass (and much more) for its abundance of super enjoyable 4 player splitscreen games, some of which me and my sister/cousins/friends play today. While 64 will always have its flaws it holds a strong level of sentimentality with me as it was the console I grew up with as a kid (along with SNES) and I've had some of the all-time best multiplayer experiences with it. I still think it's the all-time best local multiplayer console along with the Wii.


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