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FloatingWaffles said:
I don't think anything can ever top the failure that was the Wii U. It was literally a failure in all regards: Absolutely horrendous marketing, no clear message, the "gimick" of the gamepad which even Nintendo's own teams couldn't find a good use for in their own games. Remember when DKC: TF came out and the gamepad screen was just black? It really felt like Nintendo had no idea what the fuck they were doing with that system. Those were dark times man.

It had some great software but not even that could have saved it.

Yeah. I tried to find a silver lining.

While my Wii U is still connected and gets use to this day, the problems it had just can't be denied.  I don't regret owning one but it should have been at least a modest success. Like the Xbox One did with Kinect, it just relied on something that was popular once but those glory days were long gone.

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