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John2290 said:

It is very suspect that four people would give any game a perfect score but I guess they are a closed loop of opinions. Even thoughbit is suspicious after playing the game for 60 odd hours I can see why they rated it all 10s. It's a 10 and then some. Such a massively underrated game.

And remember folks, when you see people bombing it, that only 50% of people have played it 1/10th of thr way and less than 10% have seen it through to 1/4 of the way. This is gonna need a hell of a lot of time for people to catch up and let it all settle.

Eh... I mean there are at least 15 other outlets that gave it a perfect score, so it doesn't seem completely out of the question.  Unlikely, yes, but not quite enough to draw any conclusion imo.