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When it comes to the consoles themselves N64 by far. N64 was relatively cheap and really powerful with the only problems being the use of cartridges and the small texture cache. Wii U was overpriced and underpowered, with the additional problem of an absurdly weak cpu that bottlenecked third party games.

On the games I overall prefer the Wii U's library, but that has to do with N64 games aging. N64 games in the 90s were revolutionary, breaking ground that had never been seen before.  Relative to their time the N64's library blows away the Wii U by a huge margin.

Wii U has one other advantage, full backwards compatibility with the Wii and a pretty good selection of virtual console games from the NES, SNES, N64, GBA, and DS.  So if you were brand new to games there was more to play overall.

So overall I'd say Wii U is better in a vacuum, but in historical context N64 was far, far superior.  

Last edited by h2ohno - on 10 November 2019