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VAMatt said:

The consensus seems to be that console wars are good for the health of VGC. So, let's just start the fighting!

What I see here is measured, reasonable discussion.  We need some good old shit talking and trolling!  

I suppose the discussion has been somewhat reasonable, but I feel as though I'm seeing a ton of bias. Sometimes it's difficult to tell if the person making an argument truly believes what they are saying is true, or if they are simply coming to the defense of their console of choice regardless of the discussion being had.

It reminds me of a forum-goer by the name of "Gripper" that used to troll around on a small gaming forum called "PC vs Console" back in the day. This was where I got my sales data before VGC. He was a die-hard MS fanboy and a die-hard Nintendo-hater. This was during the days leading up to the DS vs PSP release and the 7th gen consoles. Nintendo was in a bad spot with the Gamecube, Sony was on top with the PS2, and now they are about to enter the handheld market against Nintendo. Things weren't looking good for Nintendo at the time. I admit it was very satisfying to be a forum-goer during this time as I got to watch as Nintendo struck gold with the DS and then the Wii, and all of the "Wii and DS print money" memes were around, and Gripper would still spin things in his own negative way. This guy hated Nintendo far more than he liked MS, or so it seemed (and he liked MS a lot).

Anyways, sorry, that was random. Shit talking is fine I guess, but I think the underlying discussion should still be done in a debate-able way.