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ninjapirate42 said:
abronn627 said:
Geno has been the subject of rumors and leaks for a while now, he’s even in the game as a spirit already, so I doubt we’ll get him as a playable character. And don’t expect much news for new characters in the livestream tomorrow, it’s a reveal with full explanation on how Terry works plus some news features coming with his patch.
Next Dlc reveal will likely be at the Game Awards.

That is what they said, although people have mentioned this is the longest Smash direct yet. They almost always reveal something at the very end of them, so I'm thinking maybe the final DLC character from Pack 1 will be announced. Game awards could be the start of the next batch?

You have to make the difference between a Direct and the Livestream. Direct is full of info and reveal, Livestream is basically Sakurai showing an introduction trailer and then play the game for some time.