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Replicant said:
curl-6 said:

I'm very curious to see how PS5 does in Japan. Doubtless it will get all the big AAA franchises by default, like Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, etc, but then so did the PS4, and while PS4 has done pretty well in Japan, its starting to look like it might fall short of PS3 lifetime. If so, will PS5 continue this downward trend since the PS2, or break it?

I don't see why it wouldn't continue the downward sales of dedicated home consoles. Mobile gaming is growing at an excessive rate in Japan.

As Newzoo puts it (link): "The Japanese gaming market is now nearly the same size as North America’s with roughly one-third of the number of gamers. In fact, Japanese gamers spend most of any country, particularly for mobile games."

Sony's Fate/Grand Order continues to be the top grossing mobile game worldwide largely due to Japan.

Revenue  is not net profit