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I've been saying for years that the worst, most vicious fan bases are those that have their backs against the wall.  They become aggressively defensive, ready to battle at any perceived slight.  They're like starving dogs, wandering the streets of virtual gaming reality.

Right now, everyone is pretty much content.  Nintendo has veered off the path of direct competition and even Xbox is doing its own thing.  Each ecosystem has its own advantages that will appeal to different people.  Most fans feel relatively secure.

I certainly don't miss it.

Mnementh said:

So my point is: waiting and releasing a great package is much much better than rushing to launch.

Absolutely.  People need to get over the idea that it's a race.  Nintendo doesn't care that the Switch is millions of units behind the PS4.  Sony won't care that the PS5 is millions of units behind the Switch, as long as it sells well.  We've already seen that there is more than enough consumers to support both of them.  There is overlap, obviously, but the Switch checks different boxes than a traditional home console and the PS5's tech is going to be killer.  One is not going to replace the other.