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well the gen started with 2 of the 3 main console manufacturers fucking themselves over in their own different ways, thus it was an easy lead for the one who didn't do that. What was there to discuss when it was just the same "PS4 is in the lead" from the beginning so it's just sort of been bland. The Switch coming around and being a huge success has been an amazing rebound for Nintendo though and has managed to, no pun intended :P, switch things up with its amazing sales, and Microsoft has been making a lot of good moves the past few years so the industry is at least becoming more interesting again, especially with the arrival of stuff like Stadia. 

console wars are cringe anyway though, but honestly it's not hard to see plenty of it still happening. Just check twitter and look at some of the conversation around Death Stranding. It just seems like it's mainly been moved to things like software, services, etc this gen because like @Xxain said the hardware was basically decided from the beginning 

Last edited by FloatingWaffles - on 02 November 2019