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Agente42 said:
omarct said:
1- Bloodborne(Masterpiece)
2- Demons's Souls(first is always special)
3- Dark Souls( I have more fond memories of it)
4- Dark Souls 3(pretty good)
5- Hollow Knight(impressed me)
6- Dark Souls 2(worst gameplay and lore)
7- Nioh(hate rng loot crap grind/timesinks)

Hollow Knight is not a souls borne, it's a Metroidvania. The core mechanics is all about Metroidvania like. 

Great list.

The list was about "Souls Like" games. I personally think Hollow Knight was heavily inspired by Dark Souls which is why I mentioned it. If you have played Hollow Knight you will know why I say so. The way the story and lore is told through item descriptions and random NPCs with little dialogue its exactly like the Souls games, just because you cant level up or use different weapons, doesnt mean its not Souls Like.