The problem is that some companies and producers are protected by the media. For example, nintendo is protected when it goes the way of games that resemble less arcade style (nintendo classic) and more modern nintendo (n64 and gamecube era). See Other M and Skyward Sword, games that deserved no more than a seven. However, in the case of Nintendo, many arcade-focused games receive lower grades. This is because the people who do the analysis have a somewhat homogeneous profile that prefer artistic games, narrative experiences rather than games themselves. In the case of DS, the notes do not seem to reflect the criticism. Many reviews criticize the gameplay and the story, but give high marks. Many criticisms do not match the rating given. Precisely because it is Kojima who made the game and the game has a proposal to "expand the media" of what wants to be itself a revolutionary game that allows more creativity for the developer. Unfortunately, from the reviews read the game looks like a glorified UPS simulator because it was made by Kojima it's genius scores, but doesn't look good to play and don't seems fun (yes, I know this is extremely subjective) Last edited by Agente42 - on 01 November 2019