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With software around a Billion, and the revenue from their PS Plus subscriptions, it may very well be a more profitable system for them than the PS2 was.

It have been for a long time Hiku.

Consider the pricecuts of PS2 probably all life it lost money on the HW.

So PS4 getting 1B SW (PS2 had 1.5B) plus and average 30M subs @50 USD for 6 years (9B rev) with higher margin than games or royalties I have no doubt they made more money out of PS4. Just need to find the books to be sure.

Annual reports

2000 - 654B Yen Revenue and 77.4B Yen profit (PS1 would still sell about 30M from 2000 until discontinued, but whatever)

2001 - 661B Rev and -51B (loss)

2002 - 1004B Rev and 83B profit

2003 - 955B Rev and 113B profit

2004 - 780B Rev and 68B profit (PSX launch, not relevant)

2005 - 729.8B Rev and 43.2B profit (PSP starting so some profit was sucked by it)

2006 - 958.6B Rev and 8.7B profit (PS3 development probably sucked all of it)

2007 - 1016.8B Rev and -232.3 (loss)

So summarizing PS2 results would be something like 6000B Yen rev and 400B Yen profit

Annual reports

2013 - 707.1B Yen Revenue and 1.7B profit (PS3 mostly here for revenue and low profit due to PS4 R&D plus launch and cost of the HW)

2014 - 1043.9B Rev -18.8B (loss)     Network generated 200B

2015 - 1388B Rev 48.1B profit         Network 351B

2016 - 1551.9B Rev 88.7B profit        Network 529B

2017 - 1649.8B Rev 135.6B profit      Network 715B

2018 - 1943.8B Rev 177.5B profit      Network 1033B 

2019 - 2310.8B Rev 311.1B profit      Network 1428B (Digital Software and Add-on Content plus PS+, about 25% is PS+ Rev)

So summarizing PS4 results until now would be something like 10000B Yen of revenue and 740B Yen profit.

When all is said and done PS4 will certainly have doubled revenue and profit of PS2 even if it sells 20% less hardware.

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