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goopy20 said:
CuCabeludo said:

Maybe there is a market for people that don't want to invest in a hardware to play AAA games whether it is a gaming PC or a console, and are fine in playing games on a low-spec computer/smarphone/tablet they already own.

Well that would be a very niche market. We will see, but it seems like a hard sell to have people buying games at full price for a streaming service where there's absolutely zero sense of ownership. Also, any technical problem will be a disaster as people won't be able to play the games they paid full price for. People already freaked out when the xbox one was announced as an "always need to be online" console.  

This is why the subscripsion comes in, it is not only about 4k and 5.1 surround. Subscribers will have free games from times to times and discounts.

Last edited by CuCabeludo - on 30 October 2019