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Pemalite said:
Oh boy. Please put Dragon Age 3 and Mass Effect 3 on Steam... And then it's uninstall Origin time.

Well, going by Jedi: Fallen order's non req to install Origin when using the Steam version, could entail the same happening for the rest of these gasmes, including BFV, which imo is a great sign, and something Ubisoft should be taking a lot of notes from (because we don't need 4 sodding layers of DRM on PC, just to play a single game).

If EA continue to sell their games on Steam, without requiring Origin at all, then I too would drop Origin and instead opt to use Steam for EA purchases (assuming these future games are not massive skinner-boxes with loaded MT's). Also, we could also be seeing the C&C remaster showing up on Steam, which will mark an 10yr gap since the last C&C that was sold on Steam, which was C&C 4.