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Chrizum said:
Pemalite said:

Even today, years after release it's not exactly dripping with content, almost 3 and a half years... 10 heroes, 9 maps. - Pretty poor IMHO.

Hopefully Overwatch 2 fixes that.

There are currently 31 heroes and 21 maps in Overwatch. Seeing how big of a success the game is with full price and loads of people still playing, I'd say that's plenty of content. Quality trumps quantity anyway.

Might be enough content for you. Certainly not for me or many others, plus the playerbase has been in decline for awhile now.

But 31 heroes, 21 maps in total in a game that cost the full $60 USD combined with the lootbox money spinner that was making a Billion dollars a year? Needs to be more content than just that.

A company like Blizzard has also proven in all it's past titles that it is more than capable of both quantity and quality anyway, but hey, if you want to spend more money for less... It's your cash at the end of the day.

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