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Pemalite said:
JRPGfan said:
Diablo 4 would have to go back to its roots, and pretend Diablo 3 didnt happend, for me to get excited about it.

I want skill trees + character builds back, and want more meaningfull item choices than D3 had.
In D3 every item was built like item level x = x amount of stats, only differnt between them is which attributes.
The uniques and set armors were boring lazy work... Which is how most of diablo 3 felt to me.

This. The simplifying the skills/character building was a detriment to Diablo 3's replay-ability for me... That and the maps weren't truly randomly generated, so you weren't getting a "Different experience" every play through.

Diablo is the type of game where you make multiple run throughs, it needs to be kept interesting and fresh as much as possible.

The bright side is... I did make a sizable profit on the game thanks to the Auction house before they threw that away, so it wasn't a total loss.

The Art style needs to get back to being dark and gritty as well, not the cartoonish style that plagues it's current titles.

ruffy37 said:

^ So much this!

D2 you could make various builds that where better optimised for certain farming of drops.
So even if every character could easily do everything, the fact was there was real choice, depending on playstyle enjoyment, ect that fed into the item economy.

D3 didnt feel like that at all.... in D3 it was basically just is this item level higher than the other peice? yes then swap.
While in D2, there was low levels that truelly where unique, and did special things that could change the character, and thus had value (for X builds).

We re totally on the same wave length with this one.

Playing a javazon and doing cow levels.... was a joy.
D3 never once had that sort of feeling to me, repeative farming of bosses just wasnt the same in D3, it crew stale sooooooo quick.