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DonFerrari said:
PotentHerbs said:
The PS4 is the best console ever, IMO.

The scope, ambition, polish, refined mechanics of games this gen has made the PS4 my default choice. Games like GOW, Horizon, and RDR2 blow anything out of the water from previous gens. Aside from nostalgia, I don't see how older consoles match the PS4, or even the Switch, in terms of actual games.

For me it only makes sense to move forward. If gens weren't getting better and games as well I would keep playing old stuff, I wouldn't expend money to play what I would consider worse.

I do have some nostalgia, but I rather they make a remaster/remake so I can play with current visual and gameplay than going back to play PS1 games (even though I loved replaying Soul Reaver and FF IX on PS3 and PS4 - but original version... still I played probably 2 or 3 dozen remakes and remasters that were better than they were on the original because they kept the soul of the game intact just giving the paint cover and polish it needed to look current).

That's the truth. 

I'd love a few remakes for older titles from the PS1/PS2 era. It would do wonders for a few dormant Sony IP's (Syphon Filter, Sly, Jak, Socom, etc).