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xl-klaudkil said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

Is the opinion that other PS systems had better exclusives really "wildly unpopular"? I don't think it is, at least not with people who are old enough to actually have owned and spent significant time with all of them. I wouldn't put any stock in the consensus here on teh chartz, but I bet overall my opinion isn't "wildly unpopular".

Maybe people just forget how incredible the PS/PS2 and some of the PS3 libraries were? Idk. They blow the PS4 away imho.

Total ps/ps2 library yea sure maybe.

But ps3's small library blow the ps4 away? Are you playing in the same ps4 gen as i ?

Ps3 genn is the worst in total.

Exclusives where awesome yea ,but the quality exclusives on ps4 is a lot better.

Agree on PS/PS2, they had some truly amazing exclusives. Disagree about PS3 being worst, and also disagree that the exclusives on PS4 are better. Imho almost any genre they’ve released a game in this gen, you can go back to last gen and find something better. And there are just so many less games this gen. But it’s cool, we’re all entitled to our opinions. 

I wish we got to see a next gen Motorstorm, Twisted Metal, or SOCOM.