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The_Liquid_Laser said:
xl-klaudkil said:

Ow? Ps3 whas the worst of the 4, why you think ps4 is the worst? Curious about it.

I also think the PS4 is the worst of the 4, and here is why.  I've been gaming a really, really long time.  The main reasons I play games (in this order) are 1) to have a totally original experience, 2) to have a good challenge and 3) to play local multiplayer with my family.  Playstation tends not to be good with #3, and games in general have gotten easier since the 8/16 bit era.  So, the main thing I look for in a Playstation console (and the most important to me) is to have a totally original experience.  Playstation 4 is the worst at that out of all of the Playstations.

Probably the best was the PS2.  Some new types of games I enjoyed on the PS2 were Kingdom Hearts, Katamari Damacy, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, and Spider-Man 2.  When I played these games, they were nothing like anything that I had played before.  Also, my favorite franchise used to be Final Fantasy, and each new game in the series tends to be extremely different, so games like FF10, FF12, and Dragon Quest 8 also felt very new to me, even if they were technically just the next iteration in the franchise.  On the other hand the only games I've actually enjoyed on the PS4 were Uncharted 4, Spider-Man, and Dark Souls 3, and even then, these games felt very similar to previous entries in their series.

So, I understand that you are younger, and probably lots of games on the PS4 feel very new to you.  That is fine, because these are extremely fun games if you have never played them before.  And if you look at older consoles, then maybe the graphics look so dated that you wouldn't even consider playing them.  From my perspective, I don't even care about graphics anymore and I am more interested in gameplay and original experiences.  And currently game companies are very reluctant to make new experiences.  My favorite console (of all time) is actually the NES.  Most people probably couldn't appreciate the NES anymore, because the games seem so dated.  But Breath of the Wild uses the design principles of the original NES Zelda.  So when Breath of the Wild comes out a lot of people declare, "Wow, this is the greatest game ever made."  But I don't think that.  I think it's a great game, but only because they went back and made a game like they used to.

So, top studios today mostly do not try to innovate or take risks, and PS4 games are the epitome of that.  Instead they, at best, make modest improvements on what has come before.  But if you haven't played these games before, then I bet they are awesome.  I liked a lot of these games the first time I played them too.  But after a while the same types of games over and over seems stale.