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I am interested in seeing if anyone want to take a subscription service they are part of, such as Game Pass, PS Now, or Antstream and compete at games on the service.  It can be as simple as top score after a few weeks, or high score, or other elements.  Idea is to pick games on the service that do not require everyone be online at the same time to play.  Either a game has a high score in it, or can take a screen shot.  One approach is winner of one week will pick the next game in the service to play.  Player is not to pick the same game twice so long as they won the last round.  Reason for the subscription service approach is that player will have access to all the content. 

For a service like Antstream, or where there isn't a weekly leaderboard (or periodic leaderboard) that resets, players can pick a game, and need to beat the current top score on it.  Players play until the current top score is beat, and then can go onto the next one.  Antstream streams retro arcade and console games.

Please let me know if this is of interest.