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COKTOE said:

Yeah. I have a bad take. When one is comparing/contrasting PS systems, one is essentially comparing/contrasting different levels of excellence. It's fair to have a wildly unpopular opinion such as yours. Like the opinion that PS has "dropped the ball in the games department mightily." Yeah. That's a talking point that's difficult to avoid. Not that the PS4 might be perhaps, off the pace of it's predecessors in terms of the raw number of games, but that they've "dropped the ball in the games department mightily" A widely discussed issue to be sure, and not at all one that most would consider hyperbolic nonsense.....

And then we have this: "Tbh idk how any fan of Sony the last two couple gens can be happy with their game output this gen, it’s been barren" The temerity to go that route....As if the general praise and success of the PS4 is due to to....Primarily what? Indoctrination and brand bias? We're talking 6 years of software and hardware output, spanning multiple games, most of which have been both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. The jury IS IN, and it has been for quite some time. The planet Earth has spoken. The success and consumer satisfaction of the PS4 is indisputable. But yet no matter how much you furrow your brow and concentrate, you just can't understand how a majority of players of all types could possibly satiated, in spite of a universally lauded PS4 1st party lineup.

You just won the internet.