siebensus4 said:
I have mixed feelings about the design. Sure, another boring box design wouldn't have been good either, but why a Roman 5? It reminds me a bit of the original Xbox which had a X design. Is it called PSV then instead of PS5? Surely not. But it's confusing.

It looks very big, clunky and heavy, and if the disc slot is 12cm for a normal 4K Blu-ray, this thing WILL be huge. The original fat PS3 was already heavy as hell, but this thing should weigh more than 5 kilogram, maybe even 8kg. It's a tower PC in a different design.

Well, kudos though for such a new design, but well... where shall I put this big heavy thing in my living room?

The only thing that will justify this design will be the new cooling system. If it's quieter than the PS4 Pro starting Jumbo Jet then it's fine. That's the thing which is great with the Switch. It's a quiet system, even at full load the fan is almost inaudible. I don't have a Xbox One X, but with water cooling it should also be quite quiet. ^^

If this is the final design, this won't be the exact size of it. Look at the PS2 dev kit compared to the final console.

I think the final PS5 will be, maybe, 2/3 the size of the devkit. Possibly with the V not being quite so raised up, like there only being 3 or 4 rows of those vents, as opposed to 6.