Trumpstyle said:

None of your links are reviews or products you can buy, the seagate link is not a review but a announces of possible products in the future. Mark Cerny clearly said PC not enterprise drives which you are talking about even though u can use them on your PC. But it's obvious Mark was talking about the samsung 970 evo pro!

"Kingston’s DCP1000 SSD sits under the companies Enterprise banner"

Well. You might not be able to buy them... But I can locally as my outlets stock enterprise/workstation gear. But the point was to demonstrate the existence of the technology... And in particular the form factor.

If you want something more consumer level... You have the Asus Hyper M.2 drive.

You also have the Asrock Ultra Quad M.2.

There are 2x nvme to PCI-E adapters that get flogged cheaply off ebay, but that would be limited to 8x PCI-E lanes (As each nvme drive has a compliment of 4x PCI-E 3.0 lanes as a max).

Lafiel said:
well, I asked for consumer products - these are enterprise products and technically speaking they are RAID on a card devices with several SSDs mounted into M.2 slots on the card

See above.
And why wouldn't you use multiple nvme cards to achieve it? They are so damn cheap these days.
Memory transactions tend to be highly parallel, thus you use multiple memory chips to increase performance, this just takes that same concept and expands upon it.

Either way. Point is... PC definitely has faster SSD's than the Playstation 5, thus rendering Cerny's prior statement as blatantly false and misleading.

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