Pemalite said:
Lafiel said:

then I'm sure you won't have trouble to link a consumer product with these theoretical specifications (available at the time Cerny made his statement)

bonus points if you also provide a review that shows the practically available bandwidth

I sure can.  Here is one such device.

Here is another from Dell using nvme drives on a card.

And they have been around for years.
Here is a review Anandtech did with a drive that did 10GB/s back in 2016 that will beat the PS5 in 2020.

And here is another such drive.

Is that enough evidence? Or would you like some more?

You also have iSCSI over 100G ethernet SSD's which allows for 13GB/s transfers too.

Trumpstyle said:

Guys Sony have made several patents on their costum SSD solution, several very knowledgeable people have looked at those patents, it's a single-tier-solution (no hhd+SSD combo) with speed estimate between 5-10 GB/s. Now about Mark Cerny statement, the fastest SSD at that time was Samsung evo pro 970 which has a 3,5/2,7 GB/s speed.

Fake news. That isn't the fastest SSD. See above. Cerny's statement is false.

None of your links are reviews or products you can buy, the seagate link is not a review but a announces of possible products in the future. Mark Cerny clearly said PC not enterprise drives which you are talking about even though u can use them on your PC. But it's obvious Mark was talking about the samsung 970 evo pro!

"Kingston’s DCP1000 SSD sits under the companies Enterprise banner"

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