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This game snuck up on me. I had maybe heard mention of it's name, but yesterday I noticed just how insane this game reviewed. IGN gave it a 9.6.

I got home from work yesterday and purchased and downloaded the game without having read too much about it, except that it was a skill-check-based RPG. After playing the game for a few hours, I would describe it more like an adventure game (such as Thimbleweed Park), except that stats and choice play a large role in the narrative.

And hot damn!!! This game is fantastic. I did a search for "Elysium" and didn't find any threads, so I hope that was thorough enough, but regardless, I need to spread the word about this game which is extremely satisfying to play.

I was told that the game is best experienced by accepting the result of your choices, and not meta-gaming things by quick saving and reloading. This goes against the min-maxer in me, but so far I haven't caved, and my character is a bastard. I can't help but wonder if it's possible to have a character that behaves well given the amount of opportunities to be an asshole that the game provides, but again, I'm only three hours in.

Also, the game is extremely dense. In the three hours of playtime I have barely been anywhere, and the majority of time has been spent in dialogue with other characters.

There is voice acting, but the majority of text is read-only, but rewarding. The game mechanics are very new to me, in that I've not played a game like this before. You have two hit points (to start at least), and the results of your actions can cause you to take damage. 

Anyone else played this game?