eva01beserk said:
vivster said:
While it is really annoying it also is kinda admiring. There is nothing wrong with taking forever on a game but they just have the luxury that basically no other game has and that is a seemingly endless flow of money before it's even released. Though it really does make me wonder what's gonna happen after release. It's gonna be a huge game and will need some manpower to maintain it and I'm correctly assuming that the producers are already way too used by the constant money flow. While I don't think they'll go as far as gambling I do expect quite aggressive monetization.

dont they already sell ships for ridiculous amounts of money? 

Yeah, they're already setting a bad precedent by charging huge sums without even having a game attached to it. I will not be surprised if they ever sell ships that cost thousands. Not sure how sustainable that will be though. They'll probably want micro transactions too.

Unless of course this is a dream and they somehow have rich sponsors that pump them full of money for the passion. I mean if I was rich I'd totally do that.

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